Monday, August 19, 2013

Best Gift Source

So, today I’m going to share with you a little secret…a delightful site I stumbled upon during one of my random Google searches…

It is called The Grommet.  The site is a big platform that features unique items made by real folks – many products even have fun videos that build a natural connection between the consumer and the product innovator.  It’s such a friendly way to shop!  With that connection, you feel like you are making a small difference to help support someone’s creativity and dream.

I spent a little too much time on this site, (is there such a thing?!) but I’m proud to say that I also got a huge portion of my Christmas shopping done in August-whoo-hoo!

The Grommet, brings amazing products from all over to your fingertips.  There is something for everybody.  The videos make it like a friendly ‘Shark Tank’ buying experience. (One of my favorite TV shows by-the-way).

Here’s a little video about who they are& be sure to check out the site for yourself; Happy shopping!

Monday, May 6, 2013

Cleaning is Fun, Right?

Sometimes I think when you are a *creative* person, you tend to lack in certain organizational and maintenance skills. For me I’m kinda a messy person. Ok, ok, I’m a *really* messy person. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy cleaning…but have to be in the mood for it…which let’s face it, doesn’t happen very often, and so cleaning becomes procrastination. (Am I procrastinating by writing this blog? Whoops!)

At my *Faithful Fitness*class today, we played a little game to help us get to know each other better. So, when those of us with “dirty dishes” in our sink had to get up and move…I learned that maybe I’m not alone…but then I was impressed by those who had managed to clean either the night before or first thing in that morning.

For years I told my husband that "if I were a good housekeeper too, then I’d be perfect, and that’s just not achievable, I mean we all have to have a flaw right?" (smile)…but after 15 years, the cuteness and charm of that comment has worn off. It’s time for change…can I do it???

Typically, I’ll be really good for about a week…then I start letting things slide, one by one. My worst thing is laundry. Nobody tells you how much extra laundry you will get with kids. Also, a basket of kid laundry is FAR worse than adult laundry because their clothes are so small, that you are folding sooo much more! (These are the analytics that cross the brain when ya hate laundry!)

So, I’ve decided it’s time for a fresh start. I read up a little to see how others do things. I think part of my problem was I had one laundry day. One full day of doing something I don’t enjoy. Over…and over….and over. Load after load after load. I would put it on the back burner, allow myself to be distracted and forget. I’ve learned that some folks break it up in the week it’s not as bad! My game plan is to have 2-3 laundry days, so I can stay on top of it (hopefully).

We recently hosted a party celebrating my son’s first birthday. (Pictures/blog to come soon) And while preparing, we kept coming across pesky things to clean that we never really think about. Such as wiping down things in the laundry room, cleaning windows, scrubbing the frig etc etc etc…it took us much longer to prepare because, well, I don’t do these chores on a regular basis. After my research, I’ve put together a chart with daily, weekly, and monthly things to help keep me on track with our home. When you have kids, a business, and hobbies; cleaning is such a pain. 

While I know there are many natural clean freaks out there, I have to believe I’m not alone in this department…so I’m attaching my chart. I’m going to give it a whirl this month & change it as I feel I need to. The bottom is daily stuff and the weekly/monthly items I sprinkled through randomly. Let me know what you think. Have any tips/tricks? Share em with me! Let me know how you do…anyone want to join me on this cleaning quest? Ok, enough procrastinating, I must go clean now.  Time to crank the music so I can dance my way through cleaning house! (wink)
(If ya want me to send you the excel file, email me)

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Why hire a designer…I mean, I’m awesome at decorating my own home!...(right?)

As we should, women take pride in their home. And who knows how to decorate it better than you right?! Exactly. (you can relax & breathe - we agree - {smiles}) 
I think the biggest misconception about designers is that we come in and push *our* vision in *your* space…while that may be true of some, it simply is not the case for us. We *get it*. It is not an “all or nothing” thing for us. We help you with as much or *as little* design as YOU want. We value what you, the homeowner, have learned through watching your favorite design shows, reading magazines, and viewed online, you may even have a natural eye for design! But let’s face it….have there been times you feel like a room doesn’t have a *finished look*? You’ve probably struggled with finding the perfect paint color. These factors have nothing to do with you personally being bad at decorating your home…it just means that, maybe you can use a *little* help in certain areas.  And there is nothing wrong with that. It doesn’t mean you have lost control of taking care of your home…it doesn’t mean that you don’t have an eye for creativity and design…there is nothing shameful in getting help!
Designers have education and experience that the average homeowner may lack. We’ve gone to school and studied the fundamentals and history of design. We have problem solved and been in countless homes. So, while some design dilemmas may be annoying to some people, a designer likely enjoys and can offer easy advice.
The best analogy I can think of is when you go to a restaurant and look at the menu…the chef doesn’t come out and tell you what to order…rather, they display everything for you to choose. It is still your selection. You may even choose to customize that choice but the chef knows the secret ingredients that will please your senses and bring you back for a delightful experience.
We save you time, money, and possibly frustration, as we bring full selections to your home all in one visit! You can select paint colors, window treatments, art, framing, and receive advice *should you want it* (Hold the onions! haha). We are your in-home shop!
We welcome working with the DYI-er. We offer affordable pricing – by the hour…to help you in areas you need help with. It is different for everyone. Some of my clients want to walk me through their home and ask me questions about each room. Some people want me to help them find clues throughout their home to identify what style they are so they know how to better shop for things that go together. Some people are intimidated by art and need help getting things up on their walls. Some people need me to help them with new furniture layouts. Or just rearrange what they have for a fresh room. Some prefer me to do an entire room from start to finish. Whatever the degree, this is what I’m here for. There is something really *custom* and *fun* about having a designer come in and see things from a fresh perspective and we’ll even let you take the credit for it when you have people over! (wink!)