Monday, August 19, 2013

Best Gift Source

So, today I’m going to share with you a little secret…a delightful site I stumbled upon during one of my random Google searches…

It is called The Grommet.  The site is a big platform that features unique items made by real folks – many products even have fun videos that build a natural connection between the consumer and the product innovator.  It’s such a friendly way to shop!  With that connection, you feel like you are making a small difference to help support someone’s creativity and dream.

I spent a little too much time on this site, (is there such a thing?!) but I’m proud to say that I also got a huge portion of my Christmas shopping done in August-whoo-hoo!

The Grommet, brings amazing products from all over to your fingertips.  There is something for everybody.  The videos make it like a friendly ‘Shark Tank’ buying experience. (One of my favorite TV shows by-the-way).

Here’s a little video about who they are& be sure to check out the site for yourself; Happy shopping!