Friday, December 28, 2012


Ah, the holidays! The warm glow of the Christmas tree lights up your evening. Festive, shiny decorations fill every surface of your home. Then, you face the dreaded tear-down process...

There is a little sadness to putting it all away, but what I think many people neglect to think about is that there are still great ways to *decorate* through the winter months. With many years decorating showrooms and window displays, I’ve learned a few tricks to help *ease* out of the holiday season. Check them out below:

1.Glitz. Silver & Gold. This is a great color scheme to carry you through the New Year & the remainder of a wintery January. So bring out (or leave out) the crystal, silver bowls, etc.

2.Keep the red. No, sorry, the Santas need to go…but look at your decorations, and find items that don’t scream *Christmas* & repurpose them. For example, maybe you have red roses, red lanterns, candles, candle-holders, tray/bowls etc. Red is a very warm color. So, visually it will help you have a toasty space even when it is cold outside. Keeping a red color scheme will carry you through Valentine’s Day.

3.You don’t have to ditch the greenery. Evergreens are just that…forever green. Now, I’m not saying the Christmas tree should stay up, but I do think sprays/sprigs/twigs are an easy way to warm up a space.

4.Chances are you may not have enough of each of these items to spread across the entire just do groupings. While you are putting things away, if you come across something listed above, set them in a pile so that you can work in smaller areas. Create little vignettes with your left over decorations. Maybe you want to do a winter-wonderland mantel, decked out in silver & gold....or perhaps an entryway draped with greenery & creme candles. Have fun looking at your decorations in a new way & try something fresh!
Click below for an inspiring ideabook:

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Design Star - Letting Go & Giving Thanks

Whew, so what’s with that heavy subject title, eh?!  J  Well, for those of you who know me, know I’m a ridiculous dreamer.  I believe anything can happen.  I’m one of those annoying *positive* people.  I’ve always felt something *big/great* would happen to me one day.  I grew up watching “Star Search” and dreaming of what it would be like to be one of those people.  I used to watch movies & would quickly memorize lines and became fascinated by the *world of television*.  So, having my own show on HGTV…um, are ya kiddin’ me?!…*design + TV*….SIGN ME UP!  At first I just toyed with the idea…then you all encouraged me and I realized, I’ve got nothing to lose, let’s do it! 

So, I checked everything out…there was a very long (I’m guessing around 15 pages) questionnaire to fill out, portfolio pics, headshot pics, and then there was the actual audition video submission.  As some of  you may know, we kinda like to have fun with videos around here…it’s something I’ve done since I was a kid…we’d make spoofs & music videos on camera…just have fun…now as adults we even make our friends do silly videos with us.  But an audition video…hmmm suddenly my palms got a little clammy.  Suddenly it was hard to just *be myself* haha!  So, there were about 5 takes of me saying my name then forgetting what I was going to talk about…then, I got through most everything I wanted to say in one take.  My husband asked me if I wanted to do it again…and I was totally good with it.  I felt like I made my point & it was good.   Had my hubby snap some images of me & I was good to go!  So, I stayed up late & submitted my video along with the giant questionnaire & required images.  

I got terribly excited because the next day I was contacted by the casting department thanking me for the submission & asking me to fix the link to my video as I accidentally set it to private on youtube & that they looked forward to reviewing it. (smack myself on the forehead moment)  When, you are hopeful for something a powerful analytical state can take over your mind…hmmm….did they like my answers to my questions?  Did they like my work?  Did they like my pics?...I mean they could have just been like “hey, if ya can’t submit a video properly, I don’t need to waste my time”.  But they didn’t, they let me know.  Did they see something in me?  Uh….who knows.

Then, weeks went by nothing.  I talked to Meg, (last season’s winner) and she told me her video callback took 3-4 weeks, that I should totally hold on to the dream.  Well, next week is week 4.  So, I’m pretty sure I didn’t make the cut.  But this was honestly already a great experience.  The questions I had to answer really made me think about things in a new way…helped me to analyze myself as a designer.  It was interesting & fun to work through that thought process.  When you wait for something you *want* that feels *meant to be* it really is a Willy Wonka moment…you become consumed by the hope/faith that you will be chosen!  Every phone call over the past week has awakened a lively spirit in me.  While it began from hopes of a callback, I’ve learned that maybe I should approach every phone call with that same teenage-like excitement…ya know – boyfriend calls & ya RUN to the phone as FAST as ya can.  So, now I’m looking at that a little differently.  Regardless if I’ve got a rep calling me, a client, or an evil telemarketer, I’ve now learned to put a little pep in my step when answering the phone! ;) 

A little piece of me wants to crash & throw a pitty party this week…but en lieu of Thanksgiving, I’ve realized that God holds the perfected plan to my life.  Sure I’ve communicated what I *want* to Him, but he *knows* what I *need* and what I can handle.  It’s time to let it go, and surender it all to God-it's all in his hands.  Be grateful for what the experience has taught me.  Should the phone ring & be THE call-I’ll be certain to fill ya in…but otherwise, I’m happy that I challenged myself.  I stepped out of my comfort zone & tried to make a dream happen.  If ya don’t try, it can’t happen.  So, I did my part.  I’m grateful for the wave of excitement & it was nice holding on to the hope for something BIG.  I always feel the need to challenge myself and grow both personally & professionally, so this was a step in that direction.   Wishing you & your family a wonderful Thanksgiving filled with love, surprises, and a rekindled zeal for answering the phone! ;)  Blessings~

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Visual Story-telling Through Art & Interiors

(If you've already read this post, scroll down to the bottom for the updated images!)

One of the things that make my design process unique is the way I use art.  Many people think of art as an afterthought, or just an accessory.   When I can, I try to use it as inspiration to build a room from.   That is exactly what I did when designing my kitchen.  About 12 years ago, I purchased my first pieces of art, which included these two great vintage magazine covers.  I love their personality, history, and humor.  My goal was to evoke that *feeling* in our kitchen.  I also used a literal translation, by mimicking the colors in the art.  You’ll see the same colors in my barstool fabric, my cabinets, and even the cream background of the art is what I used in selecting my countertops.
Here are the vintage magazine covers I used.
Being a picky eater growing up, I could totally relate to wanting to feed the dog under the table…and anyone who knows me knows that while I’m a great cook, I can’t bake.  Every time I try, it burns & my hubby laughs at me…so you can see the immediate connection these pieces have with us!
My husband & I built this home.  So, the “before” was actually on blueprints.  Fortunately it was much easier to change a blueprint on paper than to actually knock down walls… The original design was very closed off to the rest of the home and had an extremely basic look.   So, the first element of design I tackled was the island shape.  If you are a baseball fan, like my hubby is, the *baseball diamond* shape may look familiar to you.  This was one way I was able to pull him into the space.  Because of the island shape, we had to build the rest of the space on the same angle.  I actually have a great working triangle & love the placement of the dishwasher in relation to the sink.
My latest project, which will be finished by the end of the week, is my penny backsplash.  Yep, you read that right…I’m adhering pennies to our wall.  (It is wonderful to have a husband who trusts my designs!) Why pennies?  Well, I really wanted copper.  Copper is pricey.  So, this was an affordable option.  Also, I have a connection to *pennies* that added to *our story*.  My grandmother who passed away several years back used to collect pennies.  When she passed, she left me a container of pennies from the year I was born.  Till this day, when we find a penny on the ground, we have to pick it up and say “Grandma Janeczko’s with us today!”   It is a fun way to keep her memory alive & in a room where our family gathers the most, I know she is smiling on us. 
More about the pennies…my husband isn’t as, ummm…how do I say…*artistic* as I…he is more *structured*.  So, in order for me to be allowed to glue pennies on the wall, he said they had to all be facing up.  We also didn’t want people to think we had an unhealthy obsession with Abraham Lincoln…(Ha!) so I alternated randomly between heads & tails.  We just love it.  It was the perfect final touch to bring texture, history, and uniqueness into our kitchen.  I googled & turns out I didn’t invent the idea, there are a couple other documented kitchens out there with penny backsplashes, so I was able to learn from other peoples mistakes when selecting products to use.  So, that is our Kitchen-story.  Come back soon as I will be updating the completed backsplash!  J     

Ok, so here is the finished backsplash!
It is Christmas time, so you can see my nativity set above the cabinets.  Below I have framed Christmas cards, from my aunt, featuring favorite images from "It's a Wonderful Life".

What do you think?

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Introducing Lintels & Lallies *WORDS* Collection

I’m thrilled to introduce my latest passion, a new service of Lintels & Lallies, called “WORDS”. After many requests, now you can purchase original hand painted works of art created to uplift you & your family. There are pieces available in all price ranges & I have also been taking custom orders. Please read below to learn more about this exciting line.

With a distraction of 5,000 advertisements per day, WORDS, is designed for you and your family; to silently speak encouragement by bringing the focus back on the core values each family finds important.

Maybe it is the lyrics of your first dance as husband & wife, to help remind you of your commitment. Maybe it is a saying your grandmother taught you that you’d like to carry on. Maybe it is scripture or poetry. Whatever you value to help you keep focus and feel inspired throughout the day.

Please check back regularly - I will be adding more paintings in between orders.

If you have something you'd like made as a Christmas gift, send me a message!

Psalm 19:14

Check it out below!

Monday, October 29, 2012

Vintage Rugs - Guest Blogger - Sam Moradzadeh

The Versatility of Vintage Rugs

Vintage can be a vague term often referring to an elusive time in the past.  When it comes to rugs, vintage has a distinct meaning. Rugs produced between the 1920s - 1970s

are classified as vintage.  This time period in the arts was an explosion of style, color, and experimentation.  The results were an eclectic mix of beauty, sophistication, and playfulness which reflected the influence of major art movements throughout the world including modernism, minimalism, and surrealism. Rugs and textiles were a part of this shift in artistry and, in turn, a broad range of styles is conveyed by vintage rugs.  Their versatility in interior design is outstanding. From sleek, subtle designs to complex patterns and bright colors, the expanse of vintage rugs complements many home and office styles.

Whether your space is minimalist modern or boldly traditional, there is a vintage rug that would be a great fit.  Let’s take a look at some of the popular types of vintage rugs.


Moroccan Vintage Rugs

Moroccan vintage rugs are as diverse as the region itself.  A central feature in Moroccan vintage rugs is the use of geometric designs that can range from intricately complex to delicately simple.  Diamond motifs, decorated borders, and one-of-a-kind patterns are identifiable traits of these rugs.  Because of their beauty and adaptability, vintage Moroccan rugs have had a dedicated following amongst well known designers and architects including Charles and Ray Eames, Le Corbusier, and Frank Lloyd Wright.


Vintage Kilims

Kilims are a handwoven, pileless rug created by using tapestry techniques.  Typically associated with regions in Anatolia, the Balkans, and parts of Iran, kilims were often produced by nomadic tribes or within villages using regional materials and cultural designs.  While kilims have been around for centuries, there are also vintage kilims that were created in the last fifty years.  Vintage kilims reflect a high level of craftsmanship with weaving techniques that have been passed down through generations. These textiles are truly artisan rugs that are often lightweight and durable. 


Over-Dyed Vintage Rugs

Over-dyed distressed rugs are in high demand right now.  These types of rugs can be created by taking a vintage rug and accelerating the aging process through a series of dyeing and washing cycles. Using vintage design elements as the foundation, bold colors and organic blending creates a new rug deeply influenced by its beginnings.  The textures of over-dyed vintage rugs are reminiscent of antique rugs and have a great sense of depth while the colors are infused with fresh, modern shades. 


Vintage rugs are an exploration outside of the classical boundaries of antique rugs. Their colors, patterns, and textures explore new depths while their craftsmanship remains of the highest quality.  A wonderful melding of tradition and creativity, vintage rugs are a beautiful addition any space. 

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Hunger Games Design

When I watch a movie the first time, I tend to notice only the major design elements but try hard not to let my mind stray so that I can follow the storyline.  It isn’t until my second preview, that I really become consumed by the design details.

This weekend we re-watched the “Hunger Games”.  Really great storyline, however even the first time I watched it I found the styles/design to be so jarring!  By the second viewing, it drove me nuts. 

My husband had read the book, so I asked him if there was great description of what people wore and the settings…naturally he didn’t remember, but I’m willing to bet it was Hollywood that just didn’t “knock this one outta the ball park”.  With the movie’s success, I’m hoping the subsequent movies will be better.

In case you haven’t watched it, here is a quick synopsis:

It takes place in the future.  After an apocalyptic event poor districts are formed around a wealthy capitol.  As punishment for rebelling against the capitol, and as a reminder of the history, a televised “Hunger Games” takes place where each district has to enter a boy & girl (lottery style) to fight to the death, leaving one survivor.

The beginning of the film has a very somber feeling influenced by the depression era.  When I first watched the movie I remembered the mood the sepia & wardrobe evoked.  As the districts are marching to the reaping, it is almost a snapshot of the 1940’s.  This definitely set the stage for what you should experience while watching the opening, but it displaced the timeline of the movie.  I think they could have still achieved the correct atmosphere by using the sepia screen, and posture of the characters…the wardrobe, to me, was too ‘authentic’.  Even if they made their own clothing, I don’t think every district would select 1940’s patterns…just saying.  Check out the images below & see the lack of cohesion I'm talking about...
The Depression

 The Reaping
1940's clothing & hair
Muddy tones give somber feeling
Now we jump to the 'futuristic' Capitol

Hmmm...where's the Mad Hatter?

Oh, and here's a little Asian Zen
because we haven't touched that style yet...

 I guess leather is popular in the future, well, when Lenny Kravitz is your stylist anyway.

Then, we are in a basic windbreaker.
Aside from the identity crisis, I really did enjoy the movie & look forward to seeing the upcoming ones.

Thursday, August 23, 2012


Most of you know how much I love to cook. Many of my friends & family have asked for some recipes…so I thought I’d put them all in one place. Feel free to leave a comment on the ones you’ve tried & let me know what you think about them. And sorry folks…but if ya want our family “Eggrolls” or my special “Sunday Sauce”…you’ll just have to get together with me sometime so I can cook for ya! ;)

I cook a lot with fresh onion & garlic. If you don’t know how to easily cut them, ask me sometime!

Some recipes are basic, some require a little more time. Some are from my family,  some original, some from the Internet.  I’m always trying new recipes, so check back often as I will be updating this particular blog with our family favorites.

I never use the envelope stuff

1-2lbs of Ground Beef
1 16oz Can of Tomato Sauce (I use hunts)
1/2 Large Onion Chopped Finely
Garlic Salt
Chili Powder
Salt & Pepper
Couple light dashes of Cayenne Pepper
Cheese (shredded, we like mozzarella & cheddar)
Optl Toppings (we like salsa, lettuce, tomato, hot sauce, corn, & orange bell pepper)

Brown meat with onion in skillet. Drain grease. Lightly salt & pepper-stir. Stir in sauce (adding slowly to the thickness you like-depends on how much meat you get) Add spices to taste & simmer. (start with 1/2 teaspoon of everything (excluding cayenne) then add to desired taste. Then I lightly butter one side of my shells & assemble my tacos in a nonstick pan this gets the outside of the shell nice & crispy. 


1 lb of Chicken
½ Cup of Onion
1 Can of Enchilada Sauce (we use mild heat)
1 Cup of Picante Sauce (we use medium heat)
1 Jar of Tostitos Cheese (we get medium or mild)
Shredded Cheddar
1 Tb Vegetable Oil
1 tsp cumin
1 Tb Chile powder
Salt & Pepper

Preheat oven to 350* Sauté Chicken & Onion. Add spice. Spoon filling into shells. Add a Tablespoon of Tostitos Cheese. Fold shells & arrange in baking dish. Mix picante & enchilada sauce & poor over enchiladas. Sprinkle with cheese & bake for 40mins.


This recipe is the best of both worlds, you get the soft shell on the bottom & the crisp of a chip on top

Follow Taco recipe for seasoning meat add desired veggies to meat (we add corn & bell pepper)– purchase won tons instead of shells Spray cupcake tray with Pam. Place won ton in each hole in tray. Fill with taco meat. Layer another won ton, meat & top with light sprinkle of cheese. Bake @ 350* till won tons are crispy/brown on edges. 


2 Tb Veg. Oil
1-2 Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts
Minced Green Onion (sometimes I use sweet onion instead)
2 Red Bell Peppers
Frozen Sweet Corn
(optional black beans drained & rinsed-I’ve made it both ways, but not a fan of beans so I tend to omit)
2-3 Tb of La Victoria Green Jalapeño Salsa (we use extra hot)
Chili Powder
Cayenne pepper
Monterey Jack cheese (shredded)

Cut chicken & veggies into bite-sized pieces. Heat oil. Brown chicken with onion. Add seasoning. Add veggies. Add jalapeno salsa, add cheese. (turn heat off when you add cheese so it’ll melt not burn. Spray cookie sheet with Pam. Spoon into shells & put in broiler until crispy edges/brown.


Yes, you must keep my silly names!

4TB Butter
2 Chicken Breasts-Cut bite sized
2 Cans of Campbell’s Cream of Mushroom Soup
Start with 4 tsp Paprika (add more if desired)
Start with 1/8tsp Ground Red pepper
1 Container of Sour Cream
1 Box of Shells or Rotini noodles
Garlic & Onion Powder to taste

Heat Butter. Brown Chicken. Add soup & paprika & pepper. Heat to boil. Stir in sour cream. Add few dashes of garlic & onion powder. (taste heat level & add more red pepper to taste) Serve over noodles


Chicken (whatever you prefer-we usually do boneless breasts or tenders)
2 Egg
Couple Tablespoons Milk
Salt & Pepper

Heat Oil-high. Beat eggs & milk in a bowl. Pour a cup (give or take) of flour in a platter. Skin & wash chicken. Dip in eggs & Milk (both sides) Season both sides. Roll in flour & Fry till chicken is done. We like biscuits & potatoes, gravy, & green beans with this meal. ;)


Marinate Chicken in Zesty Italian Salad Dressing Seasoning & cook in oven or grill.

Chicken Breasts
Garlic Clove-minced
Light sprinkle of Lemon Juice
Light sprinkle of Lime Juice
Salt & Pepper
Cayenne Pepper (dash)

Rub ingredients on chicken ( you can marinate in a bag overnight or for a few hours if you want.) Grill or cook on stove top till chicken is done.
Ok, so it really is just one soup, but I get chicken salad out of it for lunches too

2 Chicken breasts WITH BONES & SKIN (don’t ask me why, but ya gotta have it for flavor!)
Baby Carrots
LB Jamison Chicken Base
Salt & Pepper
Linguine Noodles Broken into ¼

Fill Large pot with water cook boil chicken for 45 mins. Remove Chicken set aside. Scoop out chicken scum from water. Cut & sauté all veggies in butter & season generously till soft (cook slowly careful not to burn the onion-may take 15 mins or longer) You will likely need to add another 2 cups of water to the pot. Add veggies and taste to see how much of the chicken base you want to add (I start with 1 Tb) when water boils, add noodles & tear chicken add last. I add one breast to my soup & cut up the other for salad. Salt & pepper chicken & add mayo & cut red grapes for salad serve on croissant, crackers, or bread.
You got it….dump jar of salsa over chicken in a crockpot…pretty easy, and good.

1 Can of Black beans (rinsed/drained)
1 Can of diced tomatoes
1 Large Onion diced
1 Cut Red Bell pepper
1-10oz of enchilada sauce
1 Can of Condensed cream of chicken soup
1-1/2Cups of Milk
1 Cup of shredded Pepper jack cheese
2 Chicken breasts
1 Pkg of frozen corn

Place veggies in crock pot. Put chicken ontop. Mix sauce & soup & milk till smooth & poor over chicken. When chicken is cooked, remove, shred & put back in either stir in cheese, or top it

1 lg Onion
Red Pepper
Snap Peas
6 cloves Garlic
2TB Oil
½ Cup Chicken Broth
1TB grated ginger
2 Chicken Breasts cubed (I’ve also used tofu…but I hate tofu…so chicken it is for us)
2 Tb soy
2 Tb sugar
Corn starch (can substitute with flour)

Heat & season oil with ½ of garlic & ½ onion (about 30 secs) Add chicken Leave it for one min, then cook through 4-5 mins (till done) & remove Cook veggies (5 mins till as tender as you prefer-I cook longer to get very soft) Add broth2-3 mins (cover) Add chicken. Stir a hole in the center to add sauce (toy/sugar/corn starch) this will thicken. Sometimes I use a little ‘accent’ & pepper to season.   Serve over Asian noodles or white rice.

Either 1lb steak to cut up, or you can usually buy precut stroganoff meat
1 can of cream of mushroom soup
1 container sour cream
1 pkg of onion soup mix
Egg noodles

Preheat 350*. Mix meat with soup & soup mix. Back 40 mins till done. Boil water. Cook noodles, drain. Mix meat, noodles & sour cream in pot. I’ve also made a fresh gluten-free mushroom soup before that was wonderful…but takes much time. If you are interested, I can share that recipe.
You can decide what the “BA” stands for…btw-those *are* my initials… :)
1 egg
1/2 Cup Crackers
2 Tbsp of Parmesan cheese
1-1/ lbs ground beef
1/2 Cup Coca Cola
6 Tbsp ketchup or French dressing

Mix 1/4 cup of cola with 2tbspoons of dressing-remaining amount goes in burgers

Drizzle oil and minced onions on grill heat on high Mix in bowl and roll 6 patties Grill 3 mins per side with onion and brush with cola/dressing on each side Then cook for 8-10mins more till done (basted with cola/dressing as needed)

Roast Salt & Pepper Garlic Cloves Olive Oil (couple TB) Potatoes Carrots (I like baby carrots) Celery Onion JB Jamison Beef Stock In a skillet-heat oil (very hot). Rub salt & pepper on roast. Scorch all sides of roast in skillet. This gives you a yummy ‘crust’. Deglaze skillet with red wine (if you don’t know how to do this ask me) Then, in crockpot, add roast, drippings, cut veggies, water Jamison stock (read back I usually add about 2 TB) Cook on Low all day. When it is done, I pull out the carrots & blend everything else with a little butter & flour for a yummy gravy.
1-2 lbs of ground beef
½ Lg onion
LB Jamison Beef Stock

Brown meat with onion. I buy lean meat & keep the juices for my sauce…Just add the stock to taste & serve over potatoes & corn.

Well, that should be enough to get ya’ll started…will add more when I have more time! ;)

  Happy Cooking!

Monday, August 6, 2012

Gift Wrapping Ideas

I've never really considered myself 'crafy'.  Creative and artistic, sure, but crafty...not so much.  I don't really have the patience to sit and scrapbook, cut & glue things with precision...just not my thing.  However, I do always have scrapbook paper on hand.  It seems I always find a different purpose for it.  I've used them for place mats at parties, as gift card holders, and now the most recent repurpose I using decorative papers for a finishing touch on gift wrapping!

Below are images of two gifts I just wrapped.  Want to learn how to make the paper roses? (Gosh, that sounds crafty doesn't it!) Just scroll down.  They are easy, anyone can do it!

Rose Instructions:

First, draw a spiral.  Doesn't have to be perfect...just give yourself a rough guide...(draw on the back of the decorative paper)

Next, use your drawing as a guide & cut following the lines.  You can even cut jagged to give the edges a scalloped look.

Start with the outer edge & tightly roll so that the decorative print is on the inside of your roll.  I try to keep the bottom of the roll straight.  It will spring out a little 1/2 way through & that is fine.

When you get to the center of the spiral, that naturally becomes the base of the rose.  Put a little glue in there & twist the rose until you are happy with the way it looks.  The center of the rose will be more recessed in & you'll want to almost crunch the paper down with your fingers so it'll set with the glue. 

Try it...even without glue.  If you have a little girl, make one with her, my daughter loves them! ;)

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Wake Up!

While searching for a new stylish alarm clock,
I found some amazing and bizarre designs. 
Check them out and let me know what you think!

This one, forces you to get up and physically plug in the three wires to turn it off....I can see it now "(YAWN)...Oh no, is it blue with the red, or yellow with the blue, blue to blue..!"

Not a fan of noise first thing in the morning?  Well, if you think you can sleep with a bracelet on, this alarm might be for you as it wakes you up with a vibration!

For all you bacon is your dream...waking up to cooked bacon! 
This is called the "Wake'n Bacon alarm clock".  You put frozen bacon in at night & 10 mins before your wake up time, it starts to cook it!

Have  you been meaning to save up for something...but just haven't made "time" (pun intended) for it?...well this clock forces you to feed it coin to shut it snooze-ya must put money in the bank, every day!

How about an alarm that makes you "get-up"!?

And my favorite for laughs...this alarm is linked to your account & will donate your REAL money to a charity you HATE for every snooze! EEK!

I'm more traditional.  I like to be woken up to music.  So, if you are wondering what I chose....I picked this vintage style alarm.  It takes up less space than my old one from (cough) middle school & will allow me to wake up to whatever song I  want from my ipod.  My first playlist song of choice? "Oh, Happy Day".  Every time I hear it at the end of "Secretariat" I feel energized!

Here's to waking up refreshed & on time! ;)

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Color Selection Made Easy

I can't tell you how many times I've heard people complain about their color selections, yet they continue to make the same mistakes. Below you'll find 10 tricks to give you the confidence you need to select colors you will love.

1. ALWAYS look at the color samples in the room you intend to paint. Even if you think the lighting is the same somewhere else, you will be surprised to learn that color is made by different amounts of light. This is why it looks different when you bring random samples home from the store. Also, color is effected by surrounding colors. So if you are IN THE ROOM to be painted, you wont have any surprises .

2. Stop viewing colors on tables! Horizontal surfaces give you 100% light saturation. Unless you are painting a table, you should hold colors vertically.

3. Decide how you want to "feel" in the room. If you want a calm relaxing feeling, look at cooler colors.
(blue greens grays). If you want to feel energized try warmer colors (colors with yellow or red undertones)

4. Don't limit yourself. Get a designer to bring the full deck of colors into your space. Using preselected color schemes in brochures are predictable and limiting. Those colors are designed to work together with each other... Which sounds fool proof...but keep in mind they selected those colors without YOUR SPACE in mind. A good designer can help you select harmonizing colors if you don't trust yourself.

5. Use the best designer in the world for your guide...take a look outside. God's landscapes display the lightest color high (sky) and then, grounds everything with darkest colors. (tree trunks, dirt, dark grass).

6. Saturation. This is the spectrum of how "solid or dense" a color feels. When selecting colors for rooms that are open to each other, make sure you select saturation values that work together.

7. A space can feel larger, more opened up when furniture is similar to the wall color. But keep in mind that if your wall color is an unnatural color for your furniture or storage, then you may be drawing attention to something you are trying to make disappear.

8. Look to favorite items for inspiration. (a vase, art, outfit etc) ask yourself what you like about it. (color, pattern, texture etc). Apply that item to your color selection.

9. If you have doubts, really, it is just paint take a deep breath - you can easily change paint colors

10. Accent walls. Stop over using them folks. An accent wall should be used when you have a wall of importance that you want to draw attention to. So, choose a wall that you want people to look at as a focal point. (fireplace, headboard, walls people face the most). The other use of an accent wall is to make a long space feel smaller by painting both ends darker. Or to open a small space up by painting both ends lighter.

There you have it! Ten, easy steps to help you get it right the first time. If it still seems overwhelming, get a hold of me. Not only am I training in this, but I've been working with color for a very long time & I'm very passionate about it! It is FUN for me! :)

Happy painting!

Monday, July 16, 2012

Guest Blogger-Arcadian Lighting on Velvet

Hi, all! I'm Mari, a writer for Arcadian Lighting, a terrific online place to find beautiful lighting fixtures of all sorts. I'm so excited to be here visiting Lintels and Lallies today, with a guest post about one of my decorating obsessions—colorful velvet. For me, there is nothing more inspiring than velvet—unless perhaps it's velvet on a chair (my first love is chairs) like the irresistible ones in the dining room below. It seems to me velvets are showing up more and more in today's interiors no matter their style. This sumptuous fabric looks as gorgeous in contemporary spaces as it does in ornate classic rooms. Here are some of my favorites. Please enjoy!
Here, velvet floor cushions in a deep golden hue are a beautiful contrast to the long silvery tufted sofa. Lush velvets are a lovely choice for this elegant living space.
Magenta velvet covers a comfortable chaise in this eclectic bedroom. Quirky light fixtures always catch my eye and I've fallen for this spindly little floor lamp
This tall tufted headboard is lovely in purple velvet. Colorful peacocks looks gorgeous against the headboard.
Rosy velvet looks stunning on an antique chaise in this traditional room. I love the wood trim on the lounge and the brass lamp and wall sconce.
Deep teal velvet creates multiple points of interest in a modern living room. How lovely are those massive brilliant yellow table lamps?
It is no surprise that jewel tone velvets look gorgeous in glam interiors. Delicate French garden-inspired chairs upholstered in deep turquoise velvet surround a Hollywood Regency style table in this beautiful dining room.
Here, a gold vintage velvet sofa (and perhaps a chaise seen in the lower right corner) combines beauty and a look of comfort. The tall metal lamps offer a big style statement behind the sofa.
Is shabby chic or vintage your style? This colorful space shows just how gorgeous velvet looks in a shabby space. Isn't that green embossed velvet stunning? What do you think of Velvet inspired décor? Let us know in the comments! And be sure to stop by Arcadian Lighting for a brilliant wall sconce or pendant light to brighten your home!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

2013 Color & Design Forecast

I really enjoy attending seminars and learning about the latest forecasts in color & design.  Recently I attended a webinar on “Colors for 2013”. 
The way it works is, colors are always available, but each year colors tend to get tweaked a little.  Say for instance, the color ‘orange’.  We all know what orange looked like in the 70’s.  Orange is still very present in today’s designs, but it currently has a much more ‘earthy’ quality to it.  So, what are the new colors we are going to see? (I’m so glad you asked-snort!)

RED:  We are supposed to see a deep sophisticated red in 2013 that is influenced by blue & quite often ‘blackened’.  There will also be some red-orange paired with hot pink! 

ORANGE:  The new orange will be a deeper coral color.  There will also be more of a pull towards what they call ‘cosmetic hues’ – a peachy orange.  We will also see some caramel/butterscotch, what I call ‘yummy’ oranges. J

YELLOW:  The new yellows will be golden & acidic.  Think citrus yellows paired with purple or grey.  Different huh?!

GREEN:  Bold “Kelly Greens” will be mixed with “Chartreuse” spring-like greens.  We’ll see some Sea-foam, Jade & retro 50’s greens paired with ivory

BLUE:  The new blue will be a range of navys to muted blue grey.  We’ll see more turquoise & teals too.  There will also be more periwinkles.

PURPLE:  Purple will be muted paired with yellow & neutrals.  There will be a very muted berry version mixed with “Fuchsias”.

NUETRALS:   We always have our neutrals, but they are getting more complex, which I find very exciting.  There are more undertones that are going to appear.  They will be mixing warm & cool for a layered look.  Lots of influence from reclaimed wood will be found in our taupes & grays.  And once again the cosmetic tones will play a part in the new neutral pallet. 

As we know neutrals never go away-they are a constant but if we had to choose one of the above colors that is going to linger…they say it will be Purple!  I have an aunt who will be very excited to hear this! ;)  Actually I’ve been drawn to purples a lot lately and I’m seeing in used a lot more in children’s spaces.
Interior styles have always kind been broken down into about five different categories:
1. Sleek (Modern & Contemporary-Clean Lines)
2. Traditional (Formal, Ornate, Heritage)
3. Earthy (Ethnic, Global, International)
4. Casual (Rustic, Country, Character)
5. Color (Animation, Vibrant, Playful). 
About 10 years ago, the word ‘eclectic’ was on the tip of everyone’s tongue.  It described what was supposed to be a “collected” look…before long it was the go-to description by everyone who didn’t know what style their home was.  Then, I’d say for the last 5 years, a new interior descriptive word has crept in-that word is “transitional”.  Have you heard that one?  Have you used it to describe your own home?  Transitional meant clean traditional lines, but without the ornate fussiness.  It also allowed us to weave in different style categories as the transitional selections became very neutral & acted as almost a back drop to display different unique items.
So what is next?  Well, the ‘blend’ certainly hasn’t gone away, that’s for sure!  Now we call it “intersections”.  Weaving various styles sometimes with a blunt balance (what I call the mullet of interior design) and sometimes the blend is smooth (which is what I personally prefer). 
Fine examples of modern and old architecture in Bydgoszcz, Poland.
People are being more mindful about using what they have & repurposing.  You may have heard the new term “up-cycle”.  Up-cycle refers to taking useless items and reusing them for a greater purpose.  
Maria Westerberg's T-shirt chairs

With virtual worlds like, Facebook & Pintrest growing, people are sharing and networking more DIY ideas.  I think this is helping the “handcrafted movement” to come back.  I’m seeing it everywhere.  Items that were formerly discouraged from remaining in a room are making their way back.  People have attachments to things that are created or uniquely handcrafted, especially items from family and friends.  So, use that old blanket Grandma spent hours making, let it be an accent in your living room!  Another great way to weave some of these handmade items into your space, (if you are still uncomfortable with how they will translate) is to custom frame them.  You’ll be surprised how the right design can compliment a handmade doily while transposing it into your space.  How do you do this?  By selecting matting that works with the doily, but finding a moulding/frame that works with your space.  This concept applies to all accents.  Say you have your child’s first piece of pottery; find additional pieces that harmonize with the colors in the pottery surrounding it with a common denominator but perhaps a different shape that is conducive to your space.  It will look like it belongs.    

Do you feel you struggle with the details of color selection & accent placement?  Give us a call-we are always happy to help! 

Colors used are Benjamin Moore - images by Target, Restoration Hardware, and