Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Wake Up!

While searching for a new stylish alarm clock,
I found some amazing and bizarre designs. 
Check them out and let me know what you think!

This one, forces you to get up and physically plug in the three wires to turn it off....I can see it now "(YAWN)...Oh no, is it blue with the red, or yellow with the blue, blue to blue..!"

Not a fan of noise first thing in the morning?  Well, if you think you can sleep with a bracelet on, this alarm might be for you as it wakes you up with a vibration!

For all you bacon lovers...here is your dream...waking up to cooked bacon! 
This is called the "Wake'n Bacon alarm clock".  You put frozen bacon in at night & 10 mins before your wake up time, it starts to cook it!

Have  you been meaning to save up for something...but just haven't made "time" (pun intended) for it?...well this clock forces you to feed it coin to shut it off...no snooze-ya must put money in the bank, every day!

How about an alarm that makes you "get-up"!?

And my favorite for laughs...this alarm is linked to your account & will donate your REAL money to a charity you HATE for every snooze! EEK!

I'm more traditional.  I like to be woken up to music.  So, if you are wondering what I chose....I picked this vintage style alarm.  It takes up less space than my old one from (cough) middle school & will allow me to wake up to whatever song I  want from my ipod.  My first playlist song of choice? "Oh, Happy Day".  Every time I hear it at the end of "Secretariat" I feel energized!

Here's to waking up refreshed & on time! ;)

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Color Selection Made Easy

I can't tell you how many times I've heard people complain about their color selections, yet they continue to make the same mistakes. Below you'll find 10 tricks to give you the confidence you need to select colors you will love.

1. ALWAYS look at the color samples in the room you intend to paint. Even if you think the lighting is the same somewhere else, you will be surprised to learn that color is made by different amounts of light. This is why it looks different when you bring random samples home from the store. Also, color is effected by surrounding colors. So if you are IN THE ROOM to be painted, you wont have any surprises .

2. Stop viewing colors on tables! Horizontal surfaces give you 100% light saturation. Unless you are painting a table, you should hold colors vertically.

3. Decide how you want to "feel" in the room. If you want a calm relaxing feeling, look at cooler colors.
(blue greens grays). If you want to feel energized try warmer colors (colors with yellow or red undertones)

4. Don't limit yourself. Get a designer to bring the full deck of colors into your space. Using preselected color schemes in brochures are predictable and limiting. Those colors are designed to work together with each other... Which sounds fool proof...but keep in mind they selected those colors without YOUR SPACE in mind. A good designer can help you select harmonizing colors if you don't trust yourself.

5. Use the best designer in the world for your guide...take a look outside. God's landscapes display the lightest color high (sky) and then, grounds everything with darkest colors. (tree trunks, dirt, dark grass).

6. Saturation. This is the spectrum of how "solid or dense" a color feels. When selecting colors for rooms that are open to each other, make sure you select saturation values that work together.

7. A space can feel larger, more opened up when furniture is similar to the wall color. But keep in mind that if your wall color is an unnatural color for your furniture or storage, then you may be drawing attention to something you are trying to make disappear.

8. Look to favorite items for inspiration. (a vase, art, outfit etc) ask yourself what you like about it. (color, pattern, texture etc). Apply that item to your color selection.

9. If you have doubts, really, it is just paint take a deep breath - you can easily change paint colors

10. Accent walls. Stop over using them folks. An accent wall should be used when you have a wall of importance that you want to draw attention to. So, choose a wall that you want people to look at as a focal point. (fireplace, headboard, walls people face the most). The other use of an accent wall is to make a long space feel smaller by painting both ends darker. Or to open a small space up by painting both ends lighter.

There you have it! Ten, easy steps to help you get it right the first time. If it still seems overwhelming, get a hold of me. Not only am I training in this, but I've been working with color for a very long time & I'm very passionate about it! It is FUN for me! :)

Happy painting!

Monday, July 16, 2012

Guest Blogger-Arcadian Lighting on Velvet

Hi, all! I'm Mari, a writer for Arcadian Lighting, a terrific online place to find beautiful lighting fixtures of all sorts. I'm so excited to be here visiting Lintels and Lallies today, with a guest post about one of my decorating obsessions—colorful velvet. For me, there is nothing more inspiring than velvet—unless perhaps it's velvet on a chair (my first love is chairs) like the irresistible ones in the dining room below. It seems to me velvets are showing up more and more in today's interiors no matter their style. This sumptuous fabric looks as gorgeous in contemporary spaces as it does in ornate classic rooms. Here are some of my favorites. Please enjoy!
Here, velvet floor cushions in a deep golden hue are a beautiful contrast to the long silvery tufted sofa. Lush velvets are a lovely choice for this elegant living space.
Magenta velvet covers a comfortable chaise in this eclectic bedroom. Quirky light fixtures always catch my eye and I've fallen for this spindly little floor lamp
This tall tufted headboard is lovely in purple velvet. Colorful peacocks looks gorgeous against the headboard.
Rosy velvet looks stunning on an antique chaise in this traditional room. I love the wood trim on the lounge and the brass lamp and wall sconce.
Deep teal velvet creates multiple points of interest in a modern living room. How lovely are those massive brilliant yellow table lamps?
It is no surprise that jewel tone velvets look gorgeous in glam interiors. Delicate French garden-inspired chairs upholstered in deep turquoise velvet surround a Hollywood Regency style table in this beautiful dining room.
Here, a gold vintage velvet sofa (and perhaps a chaise seen in the lower right corner) combines beauty and a look of comfort. The tall metal lamps offer a big style statement behind the sofa.
Is shabby chic or vintage your style? This colorful space shows just how gorgeous velvet looks in a shabby space. Isn't that green embossed velvet stunning? What do you think of Velvet inspired d├ęcor? Let us know in the comments! And be sure to stop by Arcadian Lighting for a brilliant wall sconce or pendant light to brighten your home!