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Clutter Confessions

I subscribed to HGTV’s new magazine, and they featured a section called something along the lines of, “Clutter Confessions”.   We all have them…areas of your home that need a little bit of time, but just aren’t important enough to make it on the ‘to-do list’ - mostly because they aren’t seen by daily visitors. For me, well...let’s just say there are MANY dirty little secrets, but for a starter I decided to shamefully share with you under my kitchen sink & my laundry room. … Here is the before of my kitchen sink: I took everything out and realized that the majority of the items I don't use, or were duplicates.   So, anything that I didn’t use on a regular basis (such as insect killer, mouse traps & bug spray) I put either in the garage or on a shelf in the basement.   If there were any cleaners that were duplicates and I could pour them into one, I combined them (but don't worry folks, only those of the same brand).   If they were too full, I transferred them

Frogs, Snails & Puppy Dog Tails

Below are some images from the Baby Shower this past weekend.  Congratulations Eric & Laura, we all can't wait to meet your little boy!

Fwd: Childrens furniture

I just love creating nurseries!  Growing up my parents must have recognized a talent in me, as they always let me create my own room, and change it as I grew.  I went from liking mauve ornate (Boy, that dates me doesn't it?) to blue county, to black and white modern, to green serene.  With that in mind, I always try to design a space that babies and children can grow with.  But most importantly, I think all children's rooms should have a feel of inspiration and whimsy!  Check out these fun palettes by Sherwin Williams & fantastic furniture pieces from Posh Tots! Love a color you see?  I'm more than happy to bring my color swatches to you so you can see how they look in your creative space! CONTACT phone:   219.877.8246 e-mail: Sent from my iPad

Baby Boy Shower

I'm currently working on a baby shower! Here are three design boards that were presented to the mother-to-be. Check back in the upcoming weeks to see what she chose, and how everything looked!

Windy City Live Clip

So, we all have our little lame "claims to fame."  Right? I'm still gloating over the fact that I got to ask HGTV's new 'Design Star,' Meg, a question on 'Windy City Live' this morning! It's almost as if they stopped the interview briefly just to acknowlege how great of a question I asked! ;)  (snort!)  Congrats, Meg, and thanks for taking my question!  To check out my geeky thrill, click the video clip below:

Fwd: Pan am

Sometimes, when TV shows become hits, they can influence fashion and even interiors. That has me wondering if the ratings will be good for the new show 'Pan Am'. So, I've put together how I think this new, swanky, vintage show would translate into a furniture form.  Check it out! >
Check out my signage on wheels!  It's amazing how representing my own business makes me keep a clean car.  Also, suddenly, I'm much more aware of my behavior behind the wheel.  No, not my driving.  If anything I'm likely to be the annoying person doing the speed limit.  No, rather, I tend to be a singing fool behind the wheel...and now folks have the power to see who the goofball passionately singing at a stop light is! If ya see me around, give me a honk... :)


So, I entered this 'little' NATIONAL furniture me crazy...  Hickory Chair , out of North Carolina, is hosting the contest to celebrate 100 years of fine furniture making.  You can win $10,000 worth of furniture...doesn't that just make the clouds part & angels sing in your ears? The Furniture Piece? Well, I'm a fan of finding inspiration & running with it.  I've searched online for the perfect sofa for my kitchen.  Yes, you read that right, my kitchen.  Well, technically it's a sunroom, but it is open concept with my kitchen.  Many folks are putting sofas in their kitchens & breakfast nooks these days, and I'm wanting the same thing.  Sitting by my giant windows reading, having coffee, or simply offering a comfortable place for guests to sit while in the kitchen is right up my alley. I mean, everyone gathers in the kitchen as the 'heart of the home,' so why shouldn't it be more comfortable? The Glitch?   I didn&

Delight In Small Things

When my new color supplies arrived, I was just so excited I had to take a picture! I have the full collection of 'Sherwin Williams' & 'Benjamin Moore' Paint swatches, with large chips samples my clients get to keep after we've selected their perfect color scheme!  I also had short-term excitement over my first piece of junk mail...but I'll spare you the pictures of the envelope. :) Have an inspiring day!

What's with the name?

The short answer: A 'Lintel' is a horizontal header beam supported by two vertical posts on either end.  It supports openings such as a window or door. A 'Lally' is a concrete filled column that supports long spans of beams. The long answer: I've been toying with the idea of starting a design business & even went back to school for interior design, but the day the third random person knocked on my door asking me, "Who 'picked the colors for this house?", I felt that the time is NOW...let's dive in & do this! So, what started as a hobby grew into a business, which meant we needed a name, and fast!  We tried the typical 'list of favorite words'.  We spent hours on the thesaurus trying to find different ways to say, 'inspiring, creative, inviting, interior design, etc'.  All the obvious names had all ready been taken.   We couldn't just settle for something predicatable .  Sure, Barbara’s last name would be per

Livin' the Dream

Well, hello there!  Welcome to my 'Lintels & Lallies' blog! I suppose the title to this blog should be 'The Journey to the Dream', because I don't think anyone should ever really aim to live THE dream, because then what is there left to achieve?! :) So what's the dream?  Why, I'm so glad you asked! (giggle) Before I get started here, let me just say that I'm likely the world’s biggest dreamer.  I honestly think it is possible to win the lottery on the same day the prize patrol knocks on my door, followed by being 'discovered'!  Some dreams we have control of, and some we do not.  Today I'm talking more about the dreams I CAN control.  I have many, but right now I'm talking about my dream of owning my own business. I believe this 'bug' is in my blood.  It started three generations ago. Here is the point where the monitor should fog over and you'd hear vintage music..... My great-grandparents opened a stained-glass