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Design Star - Letting Go & Giving Thanks

Whew, so what’s with that heavy subject title, eh?!   J   Well, for those of you who know me, know I’m a ridiculous dreamer.   I believe anything can happen.   I’m one of those annoying *positive* people.   I’ve always felt something *big/great* would happen to me one day.   I grew up watching “Star Search” and dreaming of what it would be like to be one of those people.   I used to watch movies & would quickly memorize lines and became fascinated by the *world of television*.   So, having my own show on HGTV…um, are ya kiddin’ me?!…*design + TV*….SIGN ME UP!   At first I just toyed with the idea…then you all encouraged me and I realized, I’ve got nothing to lose, let’s do it!   So, I checked everything out…there was a very long (I’m guessing around 15 pages) questionnaire to fill out, portfolio pics, headshot pics, and then there was the actual audition video submission.   As some of   you may know, we kinda like to have fun with videos around here…it’s something I’ve done s

Visual Story-telling Through Art & Interiors

(If you've already read this post, scroll down to the bottom for the updated images!) One of the things that make my design process unique is the way I use art.   Many people think of art as an afterthought, or just an accessory.     When I can, I try to use it as inspiration to build a room from.    That is exactly what I did when designing my kitchen.   About 12 years ago, I purchased my first pieces of art, which included these two great vintage magazine covers.   I love their personality, history, and humor.   My goal was to evoke that *feeling* in our kitchen.   I also used a literal translation, by mimicking the colors in the art.   You’ll see the same colors in my barstool fabric, my cabinets, and even the cream background of the art is what I used in selecting my countertops. Here are the vintage magazine covers I used.   Being a picky eater growing up, I could totally relate to wanting to feed the dog under the table…and anyone who knows me knows that while

Introducing Lintels & Lallies *WORDS* Collection

I’m thrilled to introduce my latest passion, a new service of Lintels & Lallies, called “WORDS”. After many requests, now you can purchase original hand painted works of art created to uplift you & your family. There are pieces available in all price ranges & I have also been taking custom orders. Please read below to learn more about this exciting line. With a distraction of 5,000 advertisements per day, WORDS , is designed for you and your family; to silently speak encouragement by bringing the focus back on the core values each family finds important. Maybe it is the lyrics of your first dance as husband & wife, to help remind you of your commitment. Maybe it is a saying your grandmother taught you that you’d like to carry on. Maybe it is scripture or poetry. Whatever you value to help you keep focus and feel inspired throughout the day. Please check back regularly - I will be adding more paintings in between orders. If you have something you'd li