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“You have to live spherically in many directions, with childish enthusiasm.” Ah, don’t you just love the movie “Under the Tuscan Sun”?   There are a few quotes from that flick which are always floating around in my brain.   As a designer I feel you kinda have to ‘live spherically’.   You may be shopping for a sofa for a certain client & find the perfect lamp for another project…your mind just has to constantly be open to inspiration all around you.   Another quote I appreciate is, “ Pick one room and make it yours.   Go slowly through the house.   Be polite; introduce yourself, so it can introduce itself to you. Often when I’m in a client’s home, they want to know how I can fix EVERY room in their home at the same time.   Some homes this is great, we tackle everything & move on from one project to the next.   But if you find you are the type of person that gets overwhelmed easily, I think it is best to “Pick one room & make it yours’…otherwise you may end up frustra