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Why hire a designer…I mean, I’m awesome at decorating my own home!...(right?)

As we should, women take pride in their home. And who knows how to decorate it better than you right?! Exactly . (you can relax & breathe - we agree - {smiles})  I think the biggest misconception about designers is that we come in and push *our* vision in *your* space…while that may be true of some, it simply is not the case for us. We *get it*. It is not an “all or nothing” thing for us. We help you with as much or *as little* design as YOU want. We value what you, the homeowner, have learned through watching your favorite design shows, reading magazines, and viewed online, you may even have a natural eye for design! But let’s face it….have there been times you feel like a room doesn’t have a *finished look*? You’ve probably struggled with finding the perfect paint color. These factors have nothing to do with you personally being bad at decorating your home…it just means that, maybe you can use a *little* help in certain areas.  And there is nothing wrong with that.

Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Boy Shower