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2013 Color & Design Forecast

I really enjoy attending seminars and learning about the latest forecasts in color & design.Recently I attended a webinar on “Colors for 2013”.

The way it works is, colors are always available, but each year colors tend to get tweaked a little.Say for instance, the color ‘orange’.We all know what orange looked like in the 70’s.Orange is still very present in today’s designs, but it currently has a much more ‘earthy’ quality to it.So, what are the new colors we are going to see? (I’m so glad you asked-snort!)
RED:We are supposed to see a deep sophisticated red in 2013 that is influenced by blue & quite often ‘blackened’.There will also be some red-orange paired with hot pink!
ORANGE:The new orange will be a deeper coral color.There will also be more of a pull towards what they call ‘cosmetic hues’ – a peachy orange.We will also see some caramel/butterscotch, what I call ‘yummy’ oranges. J
YELLOW:The new yellows will be golden & acidic.Think citrus yellows paired with purple or …