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Check out my signage on wheels!  It's amazing how representing my own business makes me keep a clean car.  Also, suddenly, I'm much more aware of my behavior behind the wheel.  No, not my driving.  If anything I'm likely to be the annoying person doing the speed limit.  No, rather, I tend to be a singing fool behind the wheel...and now folks have the power to see who the goofball passionately singing at a stop light is! If ya see me around, give me a honk... :)


So, I entered this 'little' NATIONAL furniture me crazy...  Hickory Chair , out of North Carolina, is hosting the contest to celebrate 100 years of fine furniture making.  You can win $10,000 worth of furniture...doesn't that just make the clouds part & angels sing in your ears? The Furniture Piece? Well, I'm a fan of finding inspiration & running with it.  I've searched online for the perfect sofa for my kitchen.  Yes, you read that right, my kitchen.  Well, technically it's a sunroom, but it is open concept with my kitchen.  Many folks are putting sofas in their kitchens & breakfast nooks these days, and I'm wanting the same thing.  Sitting by my giant windows reading, having coffee, or simply offering a comfortable place for guests to sit while in the kitchen is right up my alley. I mean, everyone gathers in the kitchen as the 'heart of the home,' so why shouldn't it be more comfortable? The Glitch?   I didn&

Delight In Small Things

When my new color supplies arrived, I was just so excited I had to take a picture! I have the full collection of 'Sherwin Williams' & 'Benjamin Moore' Paint swatches, with large chips samples my clients get to keep after we've selected their perfect color scheme!  I also had short-term excitement over my first piece of junk mail...but I'll spare you the pictures of the envelope. :) Have an inspiring day!