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Showing posts from September, 2011

Baby Boy Shower

I'm currently working on a baby shower! Here are three design boards that were presented to the mother-to-be. Check back in the upcoming weeks to see what she chose, and how everything looked!

Windy City Live Clip

So, we all have our little lame "claims to fame."  Right? I'm still gloating over the fact that I got to ask HGTV's new 'Design Star,' Meg, a question on 'Windy City Live' this morning! It's almost as if they stopped the interview briefly just to acknowlege how great of a question I asked! ;)  (snort!)  Congrats, Meg, and thanks for taking my question!  To check out my geeky thrill, click the video clip below:

Fwd: Pan am

Sometimes, when TV shows become hits, they can influence fashion and even interiors. That has me wondering if the ratings will be good for the new show 'Pan Am'. So, I've put together how I think this new, swanky, vintage show would translate into a furniture form.  Check it out! >