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Vintage Rugs - Guest Blogger - Sam Moradzadeh

The Versatility of Vintage Rugs   Vintage can be a vague term often referring to an elusive time in the past.   When it comes to rugs, vintage has a distinct meaning. Rugs produced between the 1920s - 1970s are classified as vintage.   This time period in the arts was an explosion of style, color, and experimentation.   The results were an eclectic mix of beauty, sophistication, and playfulness which reflected the influence of major art movements throughout the world including modernism, minimalism, and surrealism. Rugs and textiles were a part of this shift in artistry and, in turn, a broad range of styles is conveyed by vintage rugs.   Their versatility in interior design is outstanding. From sleek, subtle designs to complex patterns and bright colors, the expanse of vintage rugs complements many home and office styles. Whether your space is minimalist modern or boldly traditional, there is a vintage rug that would be a great fit.   Let’s take a look at some of the po