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Hunger Games Design

When I watch a movie the first time, I tend to notice only the major design elements but try hard not to let my mind stray so that I can follow the storyline.   It isn’t until my second preview, that I really become consumed by the design details. This weekend we re-watched the “Hunger Games”.   Really great storyline, however even the first time I watched it I found the styles/design to be so jarring!   By the second viewing, it drove me nuts.   My husband had read the book, so I asked him if there was great description of what people wore and the settings…naturally he didn’t remember, but I’m willing to bet it was Hollywood that just didn’t “knock this one outta the ball park”.   With the movie’s success, I’m hoping the subsequent movies will be better. In case you haven’t watched it, here is a quick synopsis: It takes place in the future.   After an apocalyptic event poor districts are formed around a wealthy capitol.   As punishment for rebelling against the c


Most of you know how much I love to cook. Many of my friends & family have asked for some recipes…so I thought I’d put them all in one place. Feel free to leave a comment on the ones you’ve tried & let me know what you think about them. And sorry folks…but if ya want our family “Eggrolls” or my special “Sunday Sauce”…you’ll just have to get together with me sometime so I can cook for ya! ;) I cook a lot with fresh onion & garlic. If you don’t know how to easily cut them, ask me sometime! Some recipes are basic, some require a little more time. Some are from my family,  some original, some from the Internet.  I’m always trying new recipes, so check back often as I will be updating this particular blog with our family favorites. MEXICAN TACOS I never use the envelope stuff 1-2lbs of Ground Beef 1 16oz Can of Tomato Sauce (I use hunts) 1/2 Large Onion Chopped Finely Garlic Salt Chili Powder Cumin Salt & Pepper Couple light dashes of Cayenne Pepper

Gift Wrapping Ideas

I've never really considered myself 'crafy'.  Creative and artistic, sure, but crafty...not so much.  I don't really have the patience to sit and scrapbook, cut & glue things with precision...just not my thing.  However, I do always have scrapbook paper on hand.  It seems I always find a different purpose for it.  I've used them for place mats at parties, as gift card holders, and now the most recent repurpose I using decorative papers for a finishing touch on gift wrapping! Below are images of two gifts I just wrapped.  Want to learn how to make the paper roses? (Gosh, that sounds crafty doesn't it!) Just scroll down.  They are easy, anyone can do it! Rose Instructions: First, draw a spiral.  Doesn't have to be perfect...just give yourself a rough guide...(draw on the back of the decorative paper) Next, use your drawing as a guide & cut following the lines.  You can even cut jagged to give the edges a