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Clutter Confessions

I subscribed to HGTV’s new magazine, and they featured a section called something along the lines of, “Clutter Confessions”.We all have them…areas of your home that need a little bit of time, but just aren’t important enough to make it on the ‘to-do list’ - mostly because they aren’t seen by daily visitors.

For me, well...let’s just say there are MANY dirty little secrets, but for a starter I decided to shamefully share with you under my kitchen sink & my laundry room. … Here is the before of my kitchen sink:
I took everything out and realized that the majority of the items I don't use, or were duplicates.So, anything that I didn’t use on a regular basis (such as insect killer, mouse traps & bug spray) I put either in the garage or on a shelf in the basement.If there were any cleaners that were duplicates and I could pour them into one, I combined them (but don't worry folks, only those of the same brand).If they were too full, I transferred them to another bathroom.For …

Frogs, Snails & Puppy Dog Tails

Below are some images from the Baby Shower this past weekend.  Congratulations Eric & Laura, we all can't wait to meet your little boy!

Fwd: Childrens furniture

I just love creating nurseries!  Growing up my parents must have recognized a talent in me, as they always let me create my own room, and change it as I grew.  I went from liking mauve ornate (Boy, that dates me doesn't it?) to blue county, to black and white modern, to green serene.  With that in mind, I always try to design a space that babies and children can grow with.  But most importantly, I think all children's rooms should have a feel of inspiration and whimsy!  Check out these fun palettes by Sherwin Williams & fantastic furniture pieces from Posh Tots! Love a color you see?  I'm more than happy to bring my color swatches to you so you can see how they look in your creative space!

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